Exfoliating Mineral Mud Masque


Natural exfoliator gently penetrates pores and reinvigorates skin with delicate essential mineral molecules that maximize skin health and provides the basis for beautiful smooth, silky, radiant skin.

Valeriia’s exfoliating mud masque’s unique exfoliating natural molecular structure attracts and removes blemish causing contaminants while detoxifying and tightening pores making skin look younger and healthier.


There is only one known source in the world for our unique mineral mud. Originally discovered in 1920, the mineral extract is well known for its unique healing properties. This unique phytogenic deposits originated during the Earth’s Mesozoic era during the Jurassic Period, estimated by the Department of Interior as being over 140 million years old. These precious mineralized deposits were protected for millions of years by thick sandstone plates shielding the delicate complexes from the ravages of time. Processing this one of a kind material begins by saturating the phytogenic ore with cool purified water. After a prolonged residency the material is carefully pressed and the delicate compounds are suspended in purified water. The completed process yields a product that contains most of the 94 naturally occurring elements arranged in ways that only nature could have conceived. Our exclusive mineral mud mask is sourced from the mineralized mudstone that is unique to this deposit. These unique ingredients energize and nourish skin cells on the face and body. Unique negatively charged compounds facilitate an absorbing detoxifying action that unclogs pores and eliminates dead skin cells and impurities Your skin will feel comfortably hydrated, firmer and invigorated.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.1 × 4.1 × 4.1 in


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