Welcome to the club!

Health-e-Club is a buyer’s club dedicated to providing top quality health supplements to everyone. Anyone may purchase from us just like any other online retailer but for those who are interested it can be so much more.

Become an affiliate and earn!

Anyone who wishes may join our tiered affiliate program, sign up is easy and free. Once you have your account you can share your custom affiliate link with your friends (or simply use it for your own purchases) and you will earn a 20% commission on any purchases made using your link!

The power of exponential growth!

But the rewards don’t stop there! Health-e-Club is a multi-level affiliate program with seven levels. This means that any new affiliates who sign up after following your link will be added to your network and you will receive a commission for their sales as well as your own, and this continues down seven levels deep meaning you can reap the rewards of exponential growth!

The seven levels

The commission breakdown is as follows:

  • level 1: 20%
  • level 2: 15%
  • level 3: 10%
  • level 4: 5%
  • level 5: 3%
  • level 6: 2%
  • level 7: 1%

So you earn a 20% commission on any purchases using your link, a 15% commission on anyone using your direct subordinates’ links, a 10% commission from their direct subordinates, and so on all the way down the line. The earning potential for this type of exponential growth is near limitless! And better yet, you don’t need to do anything beyond sharing and promoting your affiliate link. Join the club today to start building your own network!